Case for refurbishment – an issue for our time

As much as it would be preferable to move into new individually designed premises for a business activity, in the majority of cases it is not practically or feasibly possible in terms of cost, disruption, workforce and geography.

For premises that are old, depressing and cash sinks when it comes to energy and maintenance costs, refurbishment is the only practical option in the majority of cases. Insulated panels have been used to improve the building fabric and the ‘bottom line’ ever since their introduction in the 1970s.

Much of the existing building stock within the industrial, commercial and public sectors was built to different standards and requirements and at a time of relatively low energy costs and life expectancy. Expectations have changed beyond recognition in recent years, both for the working environment – visual and required comfort – and also the external environment and environs.

Roof refurbishment

Energy savings means payback starts immediately with insulated panels.