Old roof constructions of slates and tiles, northlights with felt slopes, A-frame with louvers, or profiled asbestos sheets are a major cause of huge energy losses in existing buildings, as well as being responsible for accelerating maintenance bills and increasing health and safety problems for management and the maintenance departments.

Walls, which are the immediate visual image of any company or operation often look tired, worn out and uninviting as well as being energy inefficient.

Replacement with PIR insulated panels is simple, fast and immediate. In the majority of cases the existing structure can be used or easily adapted to accommodate the single-piece factory engineered panels.

Replacement of old asbestos

Buildings with asbestos can be a major cause for concern and present specific problems for building owners/occupiers under ‘Regulation 4 of Health and Control of Asbestos at Work 2002’ (May 2004).

Fragile asbestos roofs are a continual safety problem for those responsible for maintenance and repairs and also a concern where there may be trespass onto the roof area.

Replacement of asbestos by structurally strong insulated panels permits access within the Health and Safety Requirements for working and conducting maintenance work at heights.

Significant energy savings can also be made. Comparisons between high performance insulated panels with low air leakage and old single skin asbestos sheets show energy savings as high as 90%

Roof refurbishment