EPIC (Engineered Panels In Construction) is the trade association that represents the interests of the PIR industry within the UK. The PIR industry is part of a much wider global community, uniting 240,000 companies and generating an economic value of approximately €207 billion.

EPIC has a key role to play in the development of sustainable construction strategies, as its member companies supply a range of energy efficient products to the UK construction industry. PIR insulated panels are designed using one of the highest performing and most efficient insulations, contributing to the energy efficiency of the building envelope, and considerably reducing carbon emissions from heating/cooling during a building’s in-use cycle.

Therefore, EPIC Sustainable Charter Members also recognise that they have a responsibility to minimise the impact of their manufacturing processes and any resulting embodied energy in the products. Therefore, EPIC Charter Members are fully committed to reducing their natural resource and direct/indirect energy use during production.

The EPIC core principles are to be open and honest in our approach to issues and to present unbiased technical data, whilst also seeking to continually improve the following within our sector:

  • Health and Safety
  • Constituent resource efficiency
  • Sustainability and carbon reduction
  • Employment prospects and economic growth
  • Training & competence

EPIC has therefore developed the Sustainable Construction Charter (SCC) in cooperation with stakeholders to promote continued progress in this critical area. EPIC members recognise that sustainability is a key function of modern building design and construction, and as such have agreed 7 core commitments that go beyond current regulations.

All EPIC ‘Producer Members’ are required to sign this declaration and formally commit to incorporating these principles into normal business and working practices in order to maintain EPIC membership.

By signing the declaration, member companies are also committing to pass a performance audit. This has been designed to ensure that signatory companies are complying with the charter and taking actions to improve their overall sustainability performance. ‘SCC Member’ status is only awarded to those companies that can demonstrate the required level of commitment across a broad range of issues, and is reviewed bi-annually.