Whether or not you subscribe to the view that global warming is a manmade phenomenon, there is no question that greenhouse gases contribute to its acceleration. One of the greatest contributors to the production of CO2 is the burning of fossil fuels to create energy in order to heat, cool or run our buildings. Reducing the amount of carbon dioxide we produce by making our buildings more energy efficient is paramount in dealing with this issue.

In addition to their obvious use as a weather shield, the primary function of insulated panels is energy conservation. PIR insulated panels are designed using one of the highest performing and most efficient insulations; they are also capable of providing extremely high levels of air tightness. These attributes uniquely contribute to the energy efficiency of the building envelope with the potential to considerably cut CO2 emissions.

Another practical benefit of using Insulated Panels is that they can help to achieve BREEAM credits. See link here to the BREEAM jsp for more information. As fossil fuel supplies dwindle and our reliance on imported gas increases, reducing our overall demand for energy is also a major step towards increasing energy security, making locally based micro or macro generation a more feasible source of supply to meet essential demands, and increasing the potential for employment.