Fire research – case studies

EPIC and EPIC member companies have conducted a series of studies into actual fires in which PIR cored panels had become involved. These complement the findings of EPIC’s major fire test programme and The EPIC research into major fires over £500,000.

The case studies analyse the performance of PIR insulated panels in actual building fires, with particular emphasis on fire spread and contribution to the fire. Case studies 1 to 5 clearly illustrate that PIR panels perform well in actual fires and as indicated in the large-scale Insurance Industry fire tests.

Case Studies

Case studies 1 to 3 focus on whether there was any fire spread or significant contribution to the fire and assess the performance of panels either side of a fire resisting compartment wall.

01. Clifton Comprehensive School
02. RA Wood Adhesive Tapes
03. Suffolk Food Hall

Case studies 4 and 5 analyse the performance of panels from external fire attack.

04. Wharfdale Hospital
05. Eagle Logistics


You can download a full PDF of this research here for free.