The techniques range from lifting rigs and modular beam and sling to specialist machines and crane operated systems that have specifically been designed for handling individual panels of all sizes.

Some examples of the type of equipment used are:

  • The Clad-boy system from 4 Cladding Services, which uses vacuums with soft suction seals to avoid damage to panel finishes and surfaces, or Rota-boy, which allows panels to be rotated from delivered bundles through 180°, and then moved directly into position on the roof.
  • Nationwide Platforms provide MEWPs and specialist access equipment to deliver improved efficiency and safety.
  • John Sutch Cranes has a fleet of cranes from 10 tonnes to 250 tonnes capacity.
  • Lifting Gear Hire has a system of lifting beam modules created to the appropriate size for a range of panels.

For the lifting systems to work as they should a number of different aspects have to be taken into account:

  • Panel width, length and weight
  • Crown stacking of panels
  • Offloading options
  • Versatile lifting of different width products
  • Crane options