Engineered Panels in Construction (EPIC) is conducting a brief construction industry survey to understand what is currently of concern or interest to stakeholders, and find out what issues would be most useful to cover. If you would like to take part, please click on the link below. The construction industry survey is estimated to take no more than 7 minutes.

Survey link:

Please be assured that your answers will appear anonymously, and any data will be treated in accordance with current GDPR regulations.

Find out more about the fire performance of insulated panel systems or read the research, see the case studies and learn about the large-scale testing. 

Benefits of EPIC member insulated panel systems

  • Very high levels of thermal efficiency and airtightness
  • Proven fire performance
  • Speed and ease of installation
  • Single component construction, less waste and fewer deliveries on site
  • BRE Green Guide rating of A or A+
  • Durability
  • Strong, thin, lightweight construction
  • Fibre free and Zero ODP
  • Factory engineered quality
  • Wide range of colours and profiles
  • Fully recyclable

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