PIR (Polyisocyanurate) insulated panels are one of the most versatile forms of lightweight construction, combining design flexibility with high performance and factory in-built quality.

Insulated panels are now the most widely used cladding system for roofs and walls being used on 60% of all modern industrial and commercial buildings. They are used in every construction sector. In addition to traditional industrial and warehouse projects, panels are now regularly specified for buildings in the retail, distribution, leisure, commercial, chill and cold stores and transport and energy sectors, as well as for hospitals, schools and apartments/single living accommodation.

PIR cored panels are used as roofs and walls for the external envelope and also internally for walls, ceilings, partitions and linings. The unique advantages of insulated panels make insulated panels such a valuable resource to create buildings that are both aesthetically pleasing and offer guaranteed in service performance. See panels in action.

Ease of installation and energy saving features resulting in accelerated payback are the principle reasons why insulated panels are one of the main products used in the refurbishment of existing buildings, helping to bring them up to current energy and airtightness standards. Read more in the Refurbishment section.