Construction is a dangerous industry; it has a greater number of fatalities than any other major industry group, and of the 4000 major injuries reported to HSE each year, a significant proportion involve falls from height – see for more information.

Installing a fall restraint system helps to ensure that the risks associated with working at height are minimised and that legislation such as the Working at Height and Construction (Design and Management) regulations is complied with.

For example, an effective and unobtrusive fall restraint system could be installed at the same time as the roof, avoiding the need for secondary work, reducing the amount of time spent at height and ensuring that an integral safety system is present from the outset and for ongoing maintenance of the roof and any services located there. The same principles apply to both new build, and refurbishment or retrofit roofs.

There are several types of fall restraint equipment that are particularly suitable for use with insulated panel systems:

  • Weatherproof ridge capping with a secure mobile fall-arrest attachment eye.
  • Sections with a sliding joint to provide off-ridge fall protection requirements.
  • Stainless steel cable and in-line components, which are mounted on roof anchors fixed to the membrane roof panel.

Products should be certified to BS EN 795 (Protection against falls from a height. Anchor devices: requirements and testing).

Example Safety Systems