The reasons for refurbishment vary according to each project and type of construction but will invariably involve leakage or deterioration of the fabric, the need to visually upgrade older buildings’ or health and safety issues for example with asbestos.

Older buildings are generally inefficient in terms of energy. Recent BSRIA research has shown the average air leakage rates to be more than double the current requirements and in the case of industrial buildings more than 3 times the permitted level leading to significant heat loss and excess energy use.

Insulated panels by the nature of their single piece construction are ideal for re-cladding walls and roofs and have been used extensively on refurbishment projects for over 30 years. Panels offer real practical benefits in terms of speed, minimum disruption, use of existing structure (most cases), improved external and internal environment, low maintenance and increased security.

PIR cored panels have the best insulation performance for lowest thickness and weight and can transform the energy efficiency of a building to current standards with immediate payback on investment.


These pictures illustrate before and after refurbishment with insulated panels.