This section demonstrates the diversity and flexibility of insulated panels in use. From the more traditional ‘big sheds’ to public buildings and architectural statements, insulated panel systems are also increasingly used on domestic buildings. In every case the same benefits of clean, fast track construction, excellent thermal performance and durability apply.

As well as these performance benefits, insulated panel systems have evolved to provide a focal point in terms of design. They are no longer available in just the familiar trapezoidal profile widely associated with industrial style buildings; a range of different profiles now add interest, including curved, flat or micro rib, and Specifiers can also make use of a vast array of colours to distinguish their designs from the ordinary.

Insulated panels can also be used as a high performing substrate for facades or roofs using almost any kind of construction material, from traditional slate or tiles to glass, metal, wood or ceramic, opening up the design possibilities even further.

There are not just aesthetic advantages to be found in the use of insulated panels; their strength makes them able to support green roofs, and also to accommodate renewable technologies such as photovoltaics, adding greatly to the potential of projects to enhance sustainability.



High levels of insulation and airtightness contribute to a more comfortable working environment, whilst the range of colours and finishes available adds interest to the surroundings.

Industrial and Warehouse

Strong, lightweight insulated panel systems help to reduce the need for secondary steelwork in large industrial buildings.

Public Sector: Education

Insulated panels are often used to upgrade educational buildings, or to build energy efficient new ones.

Public Sector: Healthcare

Good levels of fire and thermal performance and fibre free construction make insulated panel systems a good choice for clean environments such as hospitals and healthcare buildings.


Insulated panel systems can provide a thermally efficient substrate for traditional finishes such as tiled roofs, or the systems themselves can be used for a modern look.


Insulated panel systems combine high levels of thermal performance with attractive profiles and colour options. Speed of construction means that business can be up and running more quickly.

Sport and Leisure

From studios to theatres, stands to stadia, insulated panels can be found in many sport and leisure venues.


Airports, service stations, car parks all make use of the benefits of insulated panels for speed, style and performance.