CE Marking is mandatory for all harmonised construction products in most European Countries and will become mandatory for all including the UK in 2013. The CE Mark is a label fixed to the product, packaging or accompanying documentation. It contains information provided by the manufacturer that declares minimum guaranteed performance values for the principal characteristics of the panel as set out in the harmonised standard EN 14509.

The CE Marking is not a quality mark or statement. It is a declaration that shows conformity to the harmonised standard and provides parity with competitors. Designers and specifiers must always ensure that panels are suitable for their intended purpose. The Standard does not contain minimum or threshold levels and therefore a panel that has the strength characteristics suitable for an internal partition wall may not be suitable for external wall applications. It is for this reason that the Standard requires the manufacturer to state for which applications the product may be used – e.g. internal/external; roofs/walls/ceilings.