EPIC is delighted to announce the creation and launch of its Sustainability Charter.

Tackling natural resource use and carbon emissions is a vital step that all industries must take, and one that the members of EPIC are actively engaged in, not only via the end-use products produced, but also via massive reductions in energy and natural resource use within the production processes.

With this in mind, EPIC has drawn up a Sustainable Construction Charter, setting out clear standards and a framework around which its members can demonstrate progress Every manufacturing member of EPIC has signed the Charter, making a commitment to seven core principles:

1. Annual reporting on carbon & sustainability performance.
2. Undertaking studies/technical reports and developing products that improve the quality & sustainability of the built environment.
3. Maintaining relevant targets and aspirations, linked to wider industry & Government objectives.
4. Holding UKAS accredited BS EN ISO 9001 & BS EN ISO 14001 certification.
5. Participating in and contributing towards the EPIC ‘Annual sustainability report’.
6. Undertaking effective local community liaison activities.
7. Submitting to a robust auditing process.

The Charter provides a statement of the importance that EPIC members place on these issues, and will allow stakeholders to follow the industry’s journey along the road of sustainable development, year on year. Copies of the EPIC Sustainable Construction Charter and the initial 2016 Report are available on request from info@epic.uk.com, or can be downloaded here: Sustainable Construction Charter and Sustainable Charter Report 2016.