Performance in fire tests

The fire performance of Insulated Panels has been assessed in detail in a series of large-scale fire tests and the results are recorded in a 20-page EPIC Guide “Performance of external cladding systems in fire”.

Based on the LPS 1181 large-scale fire test this guide presents the results of the only major fire research programme to verify the reaction to fire behaviour of insulated panels and other external cladding systems. See EPIC fire tests.

Performance in actual fires

Fire research results: analysis of actual fires (report)

An extensive research programme carried out by EPIC shows that external roof and wall claddings constructed from rigid urethane panels are not a major fire risk. See fire research results.

Fire research: case history studies of actual fires

EPIC continually monitors actual fires in which insulated panels have become involved. This series of Case Studies covers different types of fire, both internal and external to the building envelope and demonstrates that certificated PIR panels perform very well and without significant contribution to the fire. See fire case studies.