With England, Wales and Scotland each going their separate ways down the road to energy conservation it has become more important than ever to have clear guidance on the regulatory requirements. To meet that need, established industry body EPIC has produced an updated version of its popular guide to the Building Regulations, highlighting the key changes and providing recommendations on how to comply using insulated panel systems.

Some of the headline issues that came in with this latest round included further changes to the way non-domestic buildings are assessed in England, with new Notional Building targets set for a variety of non-domestic building types, based on an average improvement of 9% over 2010 levels.

Wales set more ambitious targets for non-domestic building types, with an average improvement of 20% over 2010 levels, and additional criteria for compliance covering ‘Primary Energy Consumption’ were included to safeguard the projected energy savings.

The present requirements for Scotland remain in place until October 2015, when considerably stricter requirement are due come into force, including a challenging 43% improvement over 2010 levels.

The full guide is available to download here